Why Cyprus?

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus has been a member state of the EU since 2004 and a member of the Eurozone since 2008. Third largest island in the Mediterranean

Strategically located and is gateway to three continents- Europe, Africa and Asia, making it an excellent hub for international connectivity, business and trading. Two main international airports (Larnaca and Paphos)

Cyprus has the lowest crime rate in the EU and Is one of top five safest countries in the world

Cyprus is a member of Commonwealth, United Nations, Eurozone, World Bank and IMF

Cyprus has an amazing climate all year around with over 340 days of sun annually

Top sectors include shipping and tourism. Recent discovery of natural gas has since upgraded the importance of the economy

Cyprus has a comprehensive, modern and forward-looking legal and regulatory framework based on English Common Law principles. The country’s legal framework is widely recognised as a business-friendly and effective system that allows for reliable and transparent business practices

Additional Taxation Information

Tax free incentives – There is no inheritance tax in Cyprus

No tax worldwide – investors will not need to pay any income on their worldwide income unless they decide to reside more than 183 days per year in Cyprus and become tax resident

Income tax – Should investors decide to become a tax resident in Cyprus, income tax is charged between 20%-35% depending on income

Capital Gains Tax – Capital Gains Tax is exempt on assets other than immovable property situated in Cyprus

Corporation Tax – Corporation tax is charged at just 12.5%. one of the lowest in the world, making it favourable location to set up a business